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  Acne is the most common skin problem in our daily lives. Although most people think of an inflamed, red state when it comes to acne, there are other unknown types of acne. There is a simple solution to this skin problem, which has versions such as white, yellow, black. In this article, we will give you information about the types of acne and tell you about the importance of clay mask in acne treatment.

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Acne, by itself, is divided into five groups. These are closed comedones (microcysts), open comedones (blackheads), inflamed, red pimples (papules), inflamed yellow pimples (tassels) and nodules. First, if we talk about closed comedones; microcysts, also known colloquially as white dots, are formed by combining sebum and keratin cells by their simplest definition. As they can stay white and heal, they can also turn into inflamed yellow and red pimples over time.

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Second, comes the open comedones. They are mostly known as blackheads. And occur as a result of sebum filling of the pores and oxidation of this sebum with dirt. They spontaneously explode and do not become inflamed unless touched. We can put inflamed yellow and red pimples in the third group. These types of acne usually occur in individuals with oily and mixed skin type. During the removal of excess sebum, they become inflamed and often cause pain. Acne with red inflammation can turn into yellow inflammation. Yellow inflamed pimples, although they cause discomfort as long as they are not touched, can spontaneously explode and heal, but they are a group of spots that are most likely to recur.

Finally, it is necessary to mention nodules. Nodules are the most stubborn and painful group of acne types that we count among all these types. They become large and inflamed and can found above or below the skin. When they explode, they tend to leave spots in the healing process.

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For all these types of acne, there are many treatment methods available. But of these methods of treatment, the easiest way that you can reach and apply is the use of a clay mask. Especially natural ingredients are your priority for inflammatory problems such as acne. As Clayopeutics, we help you solve your acne problem with our 100% natural origin clay masks. Natural minerals and natural spring waters in our clay masks help you build from them by fighting the inflammatory bacteria in your acne. You can try Clayopeutics Black Clay Mask to dry out blackheads or inflamed red and yellow pimples and eliminate the skin contamination they cause. If you have stubborn and blemish-leaving acne, such as nodules, we recommend the Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask. When you regularly use the Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask, you will see that spotting caused by acne decreases.

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Clayopeutics clay masks are the most affordable care products you can rely on for your skin. Clayopeutics Green and Black Clay Masks, which have many features such as solving spotting problems caused by acne, drying the acne itself, will guide you on the way to getting rid of your acne problems.

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