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As can be seen from the blackhead bands, blackhead reducing natural cures, pore reducing masks, the most visible skin problem of recent times are black spots and pores. Although there are thousands of resources and products available to solve this current problem, the main rule of solving a problem is to know why the problem occurs. So we will tell you about the process of formation of blackheads and enlarged pores and share a method that can be good for these problems.

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First of all, it is necessary to say that the pore does not have a structure that continually grows and shrinks. If your skin produces excess sebum, the skin expands your pores to remove this sebum, but after this expansion, it is not possible to become tight again. In other words, the pore is present in every person, and its size varies depending on the skin type. If you don't want your pores to grow too much, to be more prominent, you need to balance the oil on your face. The more fat the skin produces, the more prominent your pores will be.

Another skin problem associated with pores is blackheads. Black spots appear mainly at the level of our nose and chin, as they can be all over our bodies and faces. This is because excess oil is collected here. Black spots, also known as open comedones, occur as a result of the oxidation of extra oil and dirt that accumulates in the pores. Many products are available on the market to fix these problems. Commonly used methods such as blackhead bands, vacuum blackhead pulling tools are not permanent solutions. Even because they cause small scratches on your skin, they damage the skin barrier, leaving your skin more vulnerable.

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The easiest way to get rid of your blackheads and prominent pores is to use a regular clay mask. Clayopeutics, natural origin clay masks are very suitable for solving these problems. When you regularly use Clayopeutics clay masks, you will notice that your skin is deeply cleaned and your oil balance is restored. Clayopeutics clay masks offer you a deep skin cleansing with natural minerals in their contents. A regular clay mask that you will use 2-3 days a week will save you from blackheads and overgrown pores.

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Clayopeutics Black Clay Mask contains kaolin, which helps you to have clean skin by pulling positively charged dirt on blackheads. Your skin looks brighter and healthier as the accumulated layer of dirt on your pores is cleaned. Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask will also be the right choice for your blackheads. Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask has high antioxidant content thanks to its unique formula created by combining colloidal silver and natural spring water of clay. This combination helps to stop blackhead formation by removing dirt from the skin surface and pores.

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Because Clayopeutics clay masks get their power from their natural formula, they allow you to get rid of all the dirt and oil that has settled on your skin without damaging your skin. Pore and blackhead problems are only possible with regular cleaning, Clayopeutics clay masks will be with you in this ordinary cleaning adventure.