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The Covid-19 virus, which has changed almost the entire world order from the end of 2019 to the present, has caused us to create new routines for ourselves. Work and school life were moved mainly home, with socialisation reduced to a minimum. Especially people who couldn't move their work-life home or had to go outside had to include the mask in their lives. Regular mask use, the most significant change that this epidemic process has brought to our lives, has primarily caused several already existing skin problems to recur and multiply.


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The mask we have to wear on our faces for long hours is essential both to protect ourselves from the virus and to protect the people we contact. No matter how much social distance we maintain, the use of a mask is essential for this virus transmitted through the mouth and nose. So, what damage does regular mask use cause to our skin?



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First, because the mask stays on the skin for a long time, all the breath we take and give hits our skin again, which leads to the formation of bacteria on the surface of the skin, hence acne. In addition, the skin that does not come into contact with oxygen for a long time can dry and harden over time. During such a significant and extraordinary period, skin care is becoming more critical than ever. The fact that we wear two or use an N-95 type mask to increase the protection of the mask on public transport or in crowded environments also doubles the damage that the mask causes to our skin. Fortunately, the way to get rid of and prevent all this damage we are talking about is through skincare.


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To protect your skin in such an environment full of bacteria and viruses, the most important thing you need to do is clean the skin. If you clean your face with cleaning gels twice a day, morning and evening, you will clean the dirt and bacteria that your skin holds. But, just cleansing your face with cleansing gels will not be enough for you in the long run. Clay masks with antibacterial effect are required, especially for acne caused by the use of masks. Clayopeutics black and green clay masks will help your skin during this challenging epidemic period.




Clayopeutics Black Mask helps to extinguish acne by the effect of the colloidal silver it contains. Because colloidal silver is known for its antiseptic properties, it acts on bacterial pimples caused by the mask, allowing them to heal. Clayopeutics Green Mask helps soften and brighten your skin, which is hardened due to the mask, has lost its yesilty. When you use clayopeutics clay masks regularly, you will notice that even the mask can't damage your skin, and you will add your Clayopeutics products to your skincare routine.

Don't forget to stay at home during this challenging period in which our world is located, follow the rules of masks and hygiene; use Clayopeutics products when your skin needs cleaning, stay with love and health!

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