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In the old days, technological devices that emit blue light, such as televisions, telephones and computers, were thought to only damage the eyes. The belief that a person who watches TV for a long time will wear glasses has persisted for years. But recent research has revealed that blue light from such technological devices is so harmful not only to our eyes but also to our skin.


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Several signals that blue light sends to our brain cause the collagen and elastin fibres in our skin to decrease. Collagen, which has been very popular recently, is simply one of the cornerstones of regulating the effects of ageing on your skin. When the amount of collagen decreases, wrinkles begin to form, which are the first signs of ageing. In other words, as the collagen and elastic fibres on your skin decrease, fine lines first appear, and your skin becomes dull. Immediately after that, the skin begins to sag.


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We are exposed to more blue light than usual as technology permeates every point of our lives. As a result of the Covid-19 virus, which we have been in since the end of 2019. Today's average of 7 to 10 hours at the beginning of the screen is a great danger to our skin. Reducing the damage caused by blue light, which has settled in the middle of our lives, can be possible with skincare.




As a result of this reduction, it is essential to moisturize the skin that becomes dull. The longer you are exposed to blue light, the drier your skin will be and want to be hydrated. Besides moisturizing, it is also essential to use products that reduce the formation of collagen and wrinkles. It is possible to both support the formation of collagen and deeply clean your skin with a single product. Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask will come to your help in this regard.


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Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask made from natural green clay extracted from the Phrygian Valley and clay's own natural spring water. Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask, which fed with essential minerals, also shows its effect when it is applied thanks to all the amino acids it contains. By using Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask 2-3 times a week to your entire face and neck, you can protect your skin from the ageing effects of blue light. Clayopeutics Green Clay Mask; it helps to remove wrinkles on your skin, tighten the skin and accelerate the formation of collagen thanks to the minerals it contains in regular use.


It is possible with Clayopeutics that we protected from the harmful effects of the technology age in which we located. Clayopeutics will be your best friend on the way to safeguard your skin.

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