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The best way to end a tired and busy day peacefully is through skincare. Cleaning your skin from the dirt, it expos to during the day is a significant step for both your skin and mental health. A feeling of relief after your care is over will be the first step in relieving the fatigue of your day.

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So, how should skincare be that will clear your skin from all dirt? First, if you have makeup, you should start by removing your skin from makeup. Recently famous micelle waters or makeup removal oils will be beneficial in this step. The second step should be an in-depth cleaning process. After making sure that you remove all the makeup from your skin, you should remove excess sebum and dirt with a cleanser according to your skin type.  In the developing world of cosmetics, you will not have any difficulty in this regard, as it is possible to find a cleanser suitable for every skin type. For example, liquid cleaners if you have a mixed or oily skin type; if you have dry skin, you should choose cleansers in foam form. To thoroughly clean and completely get rid of makeup residues accumulated in the pores, you should apply a clay mask to your makeup-free skin 2-3 times a week. Clayopeutics natural clay masks clean your skin without drying with their natural active ingredients. At Clayopeutics, you can find a mask for every skin type.

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If your skin has been in too much contact with dirty air during the day and you want a deep cleaning, you can try Clayopeutics Green Mask. The clay inside the Clayopeutics Green Mask has a high antioxidant power thanks to its natural water and volcanoes extracted from the Phrygian Valley. This high antioxidant power helps purify your face by removing dirt accumulated on your skin.

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If your skin is too oily and you want to control the excess oil on your skin, you can use the Clayopeutics Black Mask.  This clay mask contains colloidal silver and zeolite. Thanks to the negative loads in the zeolite, it pulls the negative loads attached to your skin and allows you to get clean skin. A clay mask that you apply regularly is essential to keep your skin alive and clean at all times. The last step and the most important, is hydration. The most common mistake in a skincare routine is to skip the moisturizing stage. Although your skin is oily, it should be hydrated. When you ignore the hydration step, your face releases more than it needs to produce the necessary sebum. This condition causes your skin to become even more oily.