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Cappadocian Aquatic, 5 US fl. oz 148 ml e

You can use Cappadocian Aquatic especially after one of Cappadocian series clay masks to naturally improve and help your skin stay young and feel tranquil with the touch of every drop of Cappadocian Aquatic.

Cappadocian Aquatic is 100% natural Mineral Water Toner that contains beneficial minerals. Nothing added or taken out. Cappadocian Aquatic is packaged at the source in Cappadocia, to leave your skin well hydrated, fresh and supple.

Cappadocian Aquatic is 100% natural Mineral Water Toner that contains beneficial minerals such as fulvic acid and humic acid. Fulvic acid is known to be a very strong antioxidant and penetrates the skin more strongly. That is why some experts believe that it might have considerable effects minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.

Humic acid is an allomelanin which is the result of the decomposition of organic matter. Humic acid is said to help repair human health at the cellular level. Humic substances are found in soil, peat, coal, upland streams, dystrophic lakes, and ocean water.


100% pure and organic Cappadocian Aquatic Mineral Water Toner includes humic acid, fulvic acid and alginic acid. Clayopeutics does not conduct any testing on animals or buy, use and benefit from chemical ingredients that have recently been tested on animals by its suppliers. Clayopeutics does not use any manmade chemicals.


You can use Cappadocian Aquatic in the morning and evening, following cleansing. Apply toner with a cotton pad or on your palm. Gently rub it on your entire face and neck, avoiding contact with your eyes. No rinsing required. If any irritation develops, please discontinue using the product.

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