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Phrygian Green, a gift dug from the clay deposits of the ancient land of Phrygia, is a natural formula to help exfoliate and detoxify the skin. The Phrygians were famous for their medicine and it is said that Aristotle mentioned Phrygian powder which was used to make a medicinal eye salve that was in heavy demand. So, we believe the Phrygians, maybe, the first civilization which revealed the therapeutic and beautifying effects of the clay amidst the ancient lands of Midas, Aizonoi, and Laodicea in Anatolia. Phrygian Green helps with clearing acne, removing dead skin cells to naturally improve the appearance and health of your skin and can give you a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

Phrygian Green includes a blend of Montmorillonite, Dolomite and Quartz composition. All the minerals in Phrygian Green are 100% made in nature. Nothing added or taken out. We believe that further analyses which are underway will reveal remarkably high levels of healing and beneficial minerals of Phrygian Green.


100% pure and organic Phrygian Green clay includes Montmorillonite, Dolomite and Quartz. Clayopeutics does not conduct any testing on animals or buy or use and benefit from chemical ingredients that have recently been tested on animals by its suppliers. Clayopeutics does not use any manmade chemicals.


Mix Phrygian Green with water until a soft homogeneous paste is prepared. Use a wooden or ceramic bowl and spoon considering the metal reaction with the minerals in the clay. Before putting on your mask, clean your face well and then apply to your skin and leave for 15-20 minutes and wash off. If any irritation develops, please discontinue using the product. Phrygian Clay treats your skin gently; it does not contain any synthetic chemicals. Daily application depends on your skin complexion so it is best for you to give it a try to decide how often to use Phrygian Clay.

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