Antiquity and Naturality

Clayopeutics, a mirror of timeless antiquity 

Clayopeutics uncovers the beauty, rarity and value from the ancient times and reflects the naturality and purity that the individuals of the ancient civilizations experienced. Probably, they did not use anything that they could not find in nature and enjoyed the most precious moments in their lives staying pure and natural like on the antiquities in the prominent world museums and exhibitions.  

Clayopeutics reflects some imaginary sceneries from antiquities for instance people bathing at ‘Sanus per Aquam’ or SPA to rejuvenate and relax with completely natural substances. Perhaps, when you are at home remembering those sceneries, Clayopeutics whispers you to pause and enjoy the time with beautiful, rare, valuable, and natural products like the antiquities.   

Clayopeutics products like antiquities

Clayopeutics collections are produced with thorough research which also overviews the healing recipes experienced in the ancient civilizations that used natural materials. As rare and valuable as antiquities, Clayopeutics collections are completely natural and affordable for you to enjoy your skincare and body detoxification.

Gifts from antiquities

Beyond a gift for your friends and family, Clayopeutics presents a gift of grace with naturality, healthiness and happiness. Please share this gift grace with them and have them wear it like a crown.